do older men just purposefully try to make younger girls uncomfortable or are they that stupid 


A Cloudy Day, Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas (1918) by Julian Onderdonk 


A Cloudy Day, Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas (1918) by Julian Onderdonk 

I can’t even describe how much I hate the word slut

I kinda miss this one guy.

You always give me so many sauce with my one burrito

That is why I love you Taco Bell



Billboard Homes for the Homeless

Project Gregory is a non profit effort that converts existing billboard structures into affordable housing units. Maintenance costs, skills, and resources are covered through funds raised by the advert space and partner reciprocity.The Republic of Slovakian project utilises the electricity used to keep the billboard lit at night to power the home’s interior.

This project is open source and Project Gregory encourages all cities in all countries to construct new, innovative designs and involve as  many companies as possible to help make a difference.

Second time we’ve featured this, but it’s such an interesting idea. This apartment looks better than mine!


me: wow this is fucked up
vagina: idk it’s kinda hot :|
me: vagina no
vagina: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)






… Someone referenced Sartre on Pornhub


… Someone referenced Sartre on Pornhub


The Canadian director David Cronenberg has redefined the notion of what a horror film can be. While horror and science-fiction films traditionally have been about threats from the outside — monsters or alien forces — Cronenberg’s films have been about threats that come from inside our own bodies, and our psyches. It was fitting, then, that Cronenberg should be the director to adapt William S. Burroughs’s novel Naked Lunch, with its grotesque and comical mix of the organic, the chemical, and the hallucinatory. Cronenberg spoke at the Museum of the Moving Image with a premiere screening of Naked Lunch  on the opening day of a complete retrospective of his films. —A Pinewood Dialogue with David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg and The Making of Naked Lunch performs just what it says on the tin, as the director and many of his collaborators, including Burroughs, speak on the film, which offers an increasingly paranoid look at one writer’s process and also his fear of slowly growing bugs in New York City. The documentary examines just how Burroughs life seeped its way into Cronenberg’s vision — including events related to those portrayed in the recent Allen Ginsberg drama Kill Your Darlings — and how they made the decidedly uncinematic act of writing compelling. “In order to convey the act of writing to someone who hasn’t written, you have to be quite outrageous,” says Cronenberg. Anyone who’s seen the final result can confirm its success on that front, but now we can take a look at the puppeteers behind the many grotesque creations in the film and appreciate.

Naked Making Lunch

David Cronenberg’s screenplay for Naked Lunch. Based on the novel by William S. Burroughs [pdf]. (NOTE: For educational purposes only). Thanks to Write To Reel’s R.P. McMurphy a.k.a. Lobo. The DVD/Blu-ray of the film is available at the Criterion Collection's site. Absolutely our highest recommendation.

For further reading, viewing, and listening:

Behind the scenes photos courtesy of the Criterion Collection & Will McCrabb.

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I can not stop watching this

this video has disrupted my entire day

this is from the x files



girls, who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point, should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise


I’m in the process of becoming a lean, mean, bully destroying machine, and you’re god damn right.

Is it just me or is Chip seriously channeling Zooey Deschanel

Is it just me or is Chip seriously channeling Zooey Deschanel



it’s a scientific fact that men look 2004% better with long hair

And beards !! ^^

*fedora covering bald spot* Not all men